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hospital, day 0

I went to the hospital on April 27th in the evening. It was a Sunday. Surgery was planned for Tuesday early in the morning but I needed to be at the hospital the whole Monday to get some things checked. So, I arrived there on sunday evening and hit my first milestone: I met my roommate.

She had had surgery, the same as I needed, one week earlier. She looked fine. Her voice was a little bit weird, apparently because of the breathing-tube during the surgery. She explained me plenty of interesting things such as how does the bed bend and where is the light, how does the tv work, what time do we wake up, etc. Our room is great (that was another milestone), very big, very big bathroom, huge window from where a forest could be seen… and very quiet.

Seeing my roommate so well helped me a lot. There is nothing to fear! And besides, she was such a nice person she’d always answer my questions and helped the worries stay away from me.

The following day, Monday, I had
– an oral glucose-tolerance test,
– a sight field (whatever you call it) because the adenoma is close to the optic chiasma and there is a risk it is damaged during the surgery,
– a chat with the anesthesia team and
– a chat with the neurosurgeon.

Everything was fine but for the chat with the neurosurgeon. He was a little bit too straightforward (in my oppinion). I was kind of afraid of him…I didn’t want him to think I was asking too much so I didn’t ask for all the details of the surgery such as how, what instrument are used, will they use X-Rays, what about the bone structures on the way…. Now I regret. A couple of things remain still unclear for me, minor details, but I would love to know the answer. This was the only thing I can complain about. My family is with me, they agree he could have been a somewhat nicer, closer, but I am not there to be his friend, I am there to be his patient, and he is the best neurosurgeon in Europe, which is what I want him to be.

Instructions from the anesthesia-team for monday night and early tuesday (day D) are two little pills. One for monday night, so that I can sleep through the night in case I feel I am too nervous (which I am) and a mild sedative for tuesday morning (my surgery is scheduled at 7 am) which I must take in order to remain calm and because less amount of anesthesia is needed if I take it.

So, it’s monday evening, I took the sleeping pill and I felt tired and relaxed… good night!


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