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When I was released:
– I could breathe normally,
– I felt ok, just a little bit weak (besides, I had lost 4 kg in 15 days).
– I had stitches in my nose (two) that would eventually be reabsorbed.
– My upper palate was still asleep.
– Sense of smell and taste were 90% back.

I had this report explaining in full detail everything that happened during my hospital stay. I went home very happy, I spent another week on sick leave and then went back to work.

I hadn’t told any of my workmates about my surgery. Actually they all thought I was back in Spain on holidays. You should have seen their faces when I explained the whole story. Well, not the whole story, I am embarrased to say I’ve been diagnosed with Acromegaly because it’s very uncommon and people usually associate it with dumb, dull giants. My acromegaly case is very rare because I had a GH and PRL producing macroadenoma and I don’t have any sympthoms easy to see (nobody but is looking in my knickers when I go to the toilet and see that my period is missing… again and breast-milk production -galactorrhoea- is not something people usually see), so I don’t need to explain.

The first month I still had headaches at least twice a week but then they disappeared. Gone. Nothing.

One month and a half after surgery:
Good: Sense of smell and taste back at 100%, stitches reabsorbed, galactorrhoea gone, period back (and -I am a vain magpie- those 4 kg aren’t back).
Bad: Upper palate still sleeping, small wound in my right nostril that doesn’t want to heal.

It looks like I made a good deal, doesn’t it?


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Hospital stay and first results

This little magpie stayed at the hospital 16 days. Two before the surgery, and two weeks afterwards. This long stay was due to the fact that I had this local infection (bloody snots all the time) and there was a risk of it becoming a serious sinus infection (which noone wanted). So they didn’t release me from the hospital until I was fully ok.

There are two days I’ll never forget while at the hospital. The first was the “headache day”. The second was one week after surgery:

My GH and IGF-1 values were too high before surgery. I was told GH would quickly drop after the surgery and IGF-1 would take a little while, may be a couple of months.

Exactly one week after surgery I had blood work done. Surprisingly, IGF-1 was all right for my age, normal, healthy. GH wasn’t. It was 5 ng/ml. And would only drop to 4.7 ng/ml after glucose oral test.

Needless to say, this was really depressing. I expected the surgery to heal my GH levels. Everyone told me it would. They even said my case was an easy one and I didn’t need to worry! Moreover, how can they explain the drop of IGF-1 if GH is still too high?

Nobody was able to give me an explanation. Doctors only said that after the surgery, hormones are a bit messed up, it’s too soon… we’ll have to wait… Which is not what they said before. That didn’t reassure me at all!

Anyway, I am a very optimistic magpie. I thought: long time ago I had GH in 20 and IGF-1 normal, and everyone said I didn’t have to worry. Now I have GH in 5 and IGF-1 normal, so I’m better than ever!

That’s right, I’ve never had such a good GH level (since they started measuring it), so I can be glad. The important hormone is IGF-1, and that’s normal. I just have to wait and see what happens.

They release me from hospital, I have to return in three months. In the meantime, I’ll go back to my usual endo and she’ll have something to say… let’s see what!

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The following days were interesting. They removed the nose packing after one day but my nose was far from being a working nose. It was as if I had a very strong flu so breathing was mainly through the mouth or only one nostril. Anyway I improved a lot from one day to the following. During the first week I took painkillers four times a day that helped the headache to stay away… (actually, I got them three times a day and then I would wake up in the middle of the night, either sweating or freezing and with a strong headache, so I would call the nurse and take my fourth painkiller of the day). That was fine until saturday. That was 4 days after my surgery. I woke up fine, but I had a headache.

(via Deborah Weathering)

It didn’t go away, it became stronger every hour. So strong I had to remain in bed, eyes closed and hoping noone would enter my room making noise (such as walking)…

I got X ray done to see if I had a sinus infection (which I hadn’t), no sign of meningitis either, no painkiller would help me in any form whatsoever (tablet, drops, in blood). I had a very, very bad day, actually. The reasons for this were (at least) twofold.

1. Due to my position on the surgery coach, my neck was really, really stiff, my shoulders were as hard as diamond.

2. I had a bacteria infection in my nose. That’s why I keep bleeding through the nose and I can only breathe through one nostril.


1. Yes! Massage daily, twice. IR light to keep my shoulders warm after the massage. Tablet to relax muscles.

2. Antibiotics.

Needless to say, this could only improve my condition! One week after the surgery I already felt good. No headaches in the middle of the night, neck still stiff but not aching anymore. I even go for little walks (I get tired very quickly) in the hospital, down to the cafeteria, out to the backyard… Days go by and I don’t get tired that quickly, so walks can be longer… I go step by step back to my old healthy me. This is a huge relief!

My biggest concern was what would life be for me after my surgery. I didn’t have any problem, I felt healthy, no growing of hands, nose, whatsoever… I only knew I had this illness because my blood work said so (allright, I didn’t have my period for 11 months, but that fixed itself spontaneously 3 months before the surgery!). I was concerned I would be sick after the surgery. I didn’t want my life to change at all!!

So, things are getting better. The only problem is my bleeding nose. I am wearing this gauze roll under my nose, attached to my ears:

which gives me a very funny look. I have to use a new one every couple of hours. I am not describing what does it look like after one night. Bloody snots. mmm! yummy, yummy.

Are antibiotics working? My stay at the hospital is planned to last 10 days after the surgery, which means one week (tuesday – tuesday) and three more days (friday). Let’s see what happens.

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