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Prolactin levels

Thanks to Alecia‘s inspiring graphs, this is the evolution of my PRL.

The worrying story began with the galactorrhea: one day I found out my breasts were producing a milky substance, even though I wasn’t pregnant. Not much, just a few drops and only when pressing around the nipple. That’s why the endo that prescribed me the pill (because of the increased hair on my arms) sent me to the gynaecologist, who asked inmediately for an MRI and there it was! the chickpea. But, apparently, an innocent one.

I was taking the pill, and I was told that the pill sometimes rises the PRL levels. My endo prescribed cabergoline (Dostinex), the usual drug to make prolactin levels return to normal, but as those weren’t worrying enough (neither for her nor for the subsequent endos that I had) I was told to stop.

Then, a few years later, I stopped taking the pill (on purpose) and having the period (not on purpose) and a PRL check showed an alarming increase: 62.79 ng/ml. It was summer of 2007, I was already in Munich, my new gyn told me to take cabergoline (Dostinex) again. PRL dropped, but my period didn’t show up. So she sent me to another endo, who did a thorough hormone analysis in december, found out that the chickpea wasn’t innocent at all and I was sent eventually to the neurosurgeon two months later.

Right after the surgery (and by “right after” I mean “the following day”), the PRL levels dropped to nearly non-existent. Galactorrhea stopped and I got my period back, on a 29-day regular basis.


(Not all PRL values that I have are shown, but just the most significant ones)

Apparently, my PRL levels were too low to suggest a PRL-producing adenoma, but it was. It produced both PRL and GH.


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depressing post

December 2006: I went back to the doctor for one of my periodical check-ups and he wasn’t there anymore. He had retired. In his seat, a younger doctor was sitting. Very nice, very polite, the first thing he suggests is to give up the pill, I’ve been taking it for too long. Good. I stop, I wait a month, no period, another month, no period … I spend a lot of money in pregnancy tests, not pregnant. O.K., no period, no pregnancy… I should go to the gynecologist.

She said that after many years on the pill, sometimes the period takes a while before it starts its “periodicity” again, so I wait… spring, summer… nothing happens. In October I undergo a test to see if my ovaries are working, and they are, good. I wait, I wait… another week, another month, another season… I feel very depressed. My mind is full of thoughts like “I’m too young, I want to have children”, “I’ll never take the pill again”, “I just want to have my period”. Nothing else matters, the only thing I ask for every morning is to have the period back… and it just doesn’t happen. I feel devastated.

I get blood work done to see what happens to my female-hormones and PRL is too high, so I take cabergoline to make it sink. It sinks, still no period… so in the end, in December 2007, the gynecologist sends me to the endo with the following statement: “I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I can’t help you”.

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