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pre surgery

My surgery was planned for April 29th. I must say I was rather calm. I wasn’t feeling nervous at all. I knew I was in good hands, the surgeon was the best one in Europe, what should I fear?

Nevertheless, deep inside me, I was very concerned about what would happen after the surgery. My last MRI before surgery showed a 1.5 cm big adenoma, so now it was considered a macroadenoma. I had read everywhere in the internet (internet can be so bad sometimes…) that macroadenomas are more difficult to remove, the number of patients healed descends…

So, on the one hand the magpie is happy, she’s calm, she’s buying furniture for her new nest, so that keeps her busy at home. On the other hand she’s not that happy when she’s at work, and she spends a certain amount of time looking for answers on the web. What would happen after the surgery? from “what if I don’t wake up” until “will my hormone levels return to normal” questions show up all the time. Obviously, the amount of time spent looking for acromegaly, acromegalic, adenoma, pituitary adenoma, surgery hypophysis, etc. in all possible languages increased.

I took the decision not to tell anyone. Only my closest friends in Spain, my boyfriend, my parents and sister knew. No one of my friends in Germany had any idea, I had to tell my boss, sure, but I just said I needed surgery and I would be on sick leave for a while. No further explanation. Why did I make this decision? I don’t know. I guess I was scared of the outcome of the surgery. Not knowing what would happen afterwards was very scary. I couldn’t tell “I need surgery, but don’t worry, everything will be fine” because I didn’t know. I didn’t even know all possible results of the surgery! Anyway, even if it was not the first purpose, not telling most of my people helped to create around me a feeling of “normal life”. Nothing is happening, I behaved as happily as always, I’ve always been a cheerful magpie… If I’d told my circle of friends in Germany, I am sure they would have given me this concerned look whenever I had a headache. And I didn’t need that At All!!

And then the day D came.


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