“Bad news?” or “Does running affect GH?”

November 26, 2008 at 9:51 am 6 comments

sad_cartoonThis morning I went to pick up my last bloodwork results and I was shocked to see this:

IGF-1 309 ng/ml (114 – 492)

GH 12.50 µg/l (0 – 6.88)

What is this supposed to mean???

This is a blood test done at the beginning of september. One week later I talked to my endo on the phone and she informed me of the results. She only said, IGF-1 is 309, that’s good. Everything is all right. Call the secretary for an appointment in 3 months for a glucose tolerance test.  I asked if I could have the results printed and she said, whenever you come along, ask for a copy. So I thought everything was all right and I was happy. I called for an appointment for a GTT and that’s scheduled for monday the 1st. I was close to the doctors today and I walked in to ask for a copy of that bloodwork… and then I found that GH is way higher than what it is supposed to be.


This, automatically brought me back to the beginning of my condition. For a loong, loooong time, my GH was way too high and my IGF-1 was in the normal range. Every doctor I saw told me not to worry, if IGF-1 is in the normal range, I am not ill. They explained the IGF-1 is a measurement of the GH of the last 24 hours and that GH could be anormally high in some moments of the day. But then, one day, IGF-1 was not in the normal range anymore. They said I had a GH (and PRL) producing tumor (the chickpea) and you know the rest of the story. Noone was able to explain why I had GH anormally high throughout the years with a normal IGF-1 and suddendly, the IGF-1 was not normal anymore.

So, obviously I am concerned. Is this the beginning of the nightmare again? Will it be like this (GH high, IGF-1 normal) for a few years and then, unexpectedly, IGF-1 will rise again and will I be back to the neurosurgeon? The only thing that keeps this little magpie from getting depressed is very simple: I ran to the doctors the day of the test. And when I say “ran” I mean sprint really, really, really fast. Well, I was late… I asked the nurse while she was doing the test and I was still trying to catch my breath if the running would anyhow affect the hormone values, and she said no. I guess she didn’t know what she was taking the blood for, because I’ve read everywhere that sport rises the levels of GH.

The question is, could a sprint be responsible for such a high value of GH?

Next GTT: monday the 1st.

Next Endo appointment: monday the 8th.


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  • 1. acromegaly  |  December 2, 2008 at 8:56 pm


    Don’t be discouraged. From what I understand it’s the IGF-1 value that is important, not GH itself.

    Yes, exercise does cause a “spurt” of Growth Hormone. That could very well explain it. Get a taxi next time!

    Don’t worry yourself (stress increases GH too!) – remember it’s the IGF-1 that matters and you’re doing great.


  • 2. acromegaly  |  December 2, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Sorry, I forgot to add – some medical treatment for acromegaly only controls the production or the effect of IGF-1 and ignores the GH altogether. The reason is that GH in itself does no real harm, but the IGF-1 does. It’s only IGF-1 that has the real effect. You’re fine. (Check with your Endo!)

  • 3. magpieandchickpea  |  December 3, 2008 at 8:13 am

    Hi Trys!

    Thanks for trying to cheer me up! I know, I know, IGF-1 is the only important hormone and GH rises with sport… … but still, if I had the choice, I’d rather have GH low as well!!!

    I try to convince myself it’s because of the run… and I’m pretty good at it (at convincing myself, not at running)… but until I visit the endo on monday and I check the results of my last OGTT I won’t be 100% convinced that the nightmare is over… Next piece of news on tuesday! Keep your fingers crossed!

  • 4. Alecia  |  December 3, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    “Is this the beginning of the nightmare again? Will it be like this (GH high, IGF-1 normal) for a few years and then, unexpectedly, IGF-1 will rise again and will I be back to the neurosurgeon?”

    You know, ultimately it’s always hard to know for sure. Just stay on top of it and wait for the OGTT. That’s the tell-all test from what I understand. GH does go in spurts so they could’ve drawn when you were having a spike. That happened to me – my GH was 8ng and I panicked because before surgery I hadn’t seen it above 4.85. I was asking myself the same questions.

    I hope you get the good news you hope for…standing by for the updates.

  • 5. acromegaly  |  December 4, 2008 at 9:04 am

    Good luck on Tuesday – get a taxi or a bus this time!


  • 6. magpieandchickpea  |  December 4, 2008 at 9:04 am

    Thank you Alecia! I’ll be on tenterhooks until monday the 8th (still 4 days…)… deep inside me I am pretty convinced it was a spurt, but … until I don’t hear it from the endo I won’t feel relieved. You’ll get an update soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

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