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Hi all!

I feel guilty seeing the blog statistics and seeing that you’ve been visiting my blog and I haven’t been updating lately (after the good news in my last post). It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s just that I don’t have any news to blog about.

Next week I’ll be at the hospital for the definite check-up. It will be a three day stay, so I guess I’ll have everything thoroughly checked-up. After that, I’m going on holidays (I deserve them!) but just for a week. So, guys, in (approx) 2 weeks you’ll know how did the story end. (I’ll know in 1 week, hehe).

See you then! And thanks a million for coming! And for leaving comments! I love comments! 🙂


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All’s well that ends well

I’ve tried to post an online graph, but not successfully so I’ll post my GH values instead:

2002 my very first hormone blood test shows

PRL 26.6 ng/ml

This raises the fear of a prolactinoma, they MRI the chickpea for the very first time. Further blood work underwent in the following months.


GH 20 ng/ml suppressed to 14 ng/ml after glucose tolerance test
IGF-1 118 ng/ml normal.
PRL 27 ng/ml high.

2002 – 2006 (several times, similar values)


PRL 34 ng/ml high (max is 20)
GH and IGF-1 high (but doesn’t say how much).

This is the first time IGF-1 is not in the normal range.


PRL 62.79 ng/ml very high.


GH 10 ng/ml
IGF-1 566 ng/ml
PRL 34.70 ng/ml

2008-01 Glucose tolerance test (GTT)

IGF-1 624 ng/ml (max 492)
t=0 GH 11.40 ng/ml
t=15 min GH 10.40 ng/ml
t=30 min GH 10.30 ng/ml

2008-04 At the hospital, one day before surgery

PRL 890 uU/ml (different units, max is 500)
IGF-1 612 ng/ml
t=0 GH 17.6 ng/ml
t=60 min
GH 14.9 ng/ml

2008-05 At the hospital, one week after surgery

PRL 43 uU/ml (20 times less than the previous week!)
IGF-1 273 ng/ml normal!
t=0 GH 5.25 ng/ml still high, but better than ever!
t=60 min
GH 4.83 ng/ml

2008-06 One and a half months after surgery

PRL 9.83 ng/ml normal! (max: 20)
IGF-1 283 ng/ml normal! (max: 492)
t=0 GH 0.31 ng/ml normal!
t=30 min GH 0.23 ng/ml
t=60 min GH 0.22 ng/ml
t=120 min
GH 0.23 ng/ml

Happy ending!

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Two months later

One and a half months later I had bloodwork done and my endo went on holidays, so I had to wait until today to get the results.

I don’t feel anything has changed, my appearance is the same. As hairy (I don’t understand why) as I was when I first went to the doctor, my hands, nose, everything is the same size (because nothing had grown)… so I thought my hormones would be as before the whole story started: GH very high, IGF-1 normal. As they were after the surgery. One day somebody has to explain my how can this be.

I had an appointment at 9:55. A phone appointment.

I called at 9:52 — busy

at 9:53 … busy

(do they just hung up at 9:55?)

at 9:55 — busy

(no, apparently they don’t)

I start to get very nervous and my hands are shaking. I must be calm. If the results are as bad as I expect, I must remember it’s too early. I have to wait until the visit to the hospital in the end of july, three months later. Then we’ll see if things went bad or not.

9:57. My endo picks up the phone.

…………………… I am so nervous I drop it.

She is glad to share with me my GH drops to 0.2 after glucose test, so no signs of acromegaly in GH. Nor in IGF-1, 284, normal for my age. They removed the whole tumor and left enough pituitary gland. Pituitary is working normally, ALL hormones are ok. That’s it. I don’t have acromegaly anymore. Kein Akromegalie Zeichen (her exact words, no signs of acromegaly)

HUGE relief

Of course I must take these results to the hospital next month, I must have another IGF-1 control in 3 months, another glucose test in 6 months… but this is pretty much the end of the story.

I’ll pick up the copy of the blood test results one evening this week, and I’ll post them here. I still want to know how high is my GH before the sugar intake.

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