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June 2, 2008 at 7:45 am 1 comment

December 2006: I went back to the doctor for one of my periodical check-ups and he wasn’t there anymore. He had retired. In his seat, a younger doctor was sitting. Very nice, very polite, the first thing he suggests is to give up the pill, I’ve been taking it for too long. Good. I stop, I wait a month, no period, another month, no period … I spend a lot of money in pregnancy tests, not pregnant. O.K., no period, no pregnancy… I should go to the gynecologist.

She said that after many years on the pill, sometimes the period takes a while before it starts its “periodicity” again, so I wait… spring, summer… nothing happens. In October I undergo a test to see if my ovaries are working, and they are, good. I wait, I wait… another week, another month, another season… I feel very depressed. My mind is full of thoughts like “I’m too young, I want to have children”, “I’ll never take the pill again”, “I just want to have my period”. Nothing else matters, the only thing I ask for every morning is to have the period back… and it just doesn’t happen. I feel devastated.

I get blood work done to see what happens to my female-hormones and PRL is too high, so I take cabergoline to make it sink. It sinks, still no period… so in the end, in December 2007, the gynecologist sends me to the endo with the following statement: “I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I can’t help you”.


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Years go by and then it happened:

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