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Years go by

Well, that was pretty much the situation. Since 2002 the magpie undergoes yearly MRIs and hormone tests every 4 or 6 months just to assess that the chickpea is still there, still same size (approx) and GH is too high and doesn’t sink after glucose overdose … but IGF-1 is normal. PRL is on the top boundary between good and evil. So, no need to worry, the endo says.

The magpie goes on with the pill and with her life, she feels fine, claws and beak are normal size, nothing grows, milk production still exists but the endo doesn’t find it very important.

And then, something unexpected started happening after december 2006.


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Life goes on

Oh, that was back in 2002. I go back home after my MRI with an adenoma in my hypophysis. I don’t really know what to do and I feel desperate.

My endo sees the MRI and states that the adenoma (I’ll call it “chickpea” because of its size) is of no harm. Sure, my hormone levels are a little bit messed up, nothing is quite right but nothing is quite bad either. The milk production is explained by a huge raise in prolactin (PRL), and there is this weird GH level of 22 that won’t sink even after a ton of sugar in this glucose-overdose test. IGF-1 is normal.

So, the endo prescribes the following: go on with the pill, take cabergoline to make your level of PRL sink to normal, come back in 6 months.

Well, the magpie returns to the nest calm and goes on with her life. If endo says “no need to worry” I should believe him, shouldn’t I?

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That’s it

You feel fine, you are young, you feel healthy… only a little bit too hairy for a magpie, a female magpie.. your mother insists in going to the doctor.. He prescribes the pill, you become a less hairy magpie and suddendly your breasts start producing milk. Oh, wait, did I have a baby? I mean, did I lay an egg?

So, you go to the doctor again, you get an MRI done… and there it is, a nice, 1cm big adenoma in your hypophysis… (to be continued)

Oh, I forgot! hello world!

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